Keep Your Business Powered And Viable During Emergencies

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Keep Your Business Powered And Viable During Emergencies

3 October 2017
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When natural disasters hit, does your business need as much up-time as possible? For most businesses, it's smarter to not operate and allow insurance to cover the costs of disaster rather than trying to be productive up to the last minute, but if your business provides products and services that are helpful for, vital to, or made specifically for emergency situations, you should consider different parts of your power and productivity plans.

Powering Vehicle Fleets During Emergencies

When disaster strikes, getting fuel can be difficult. Although an early warning is important for saving lives and property, many people rush to fill up their vehicles in case they need to drive to safety. Since safety for some means going to another state to be with family and friends--or taking an impromptu vacation--gas stations may be empty.

If you're a delivery service, debris cleanup service, tree removal service, or any kind of company that needs to drive around rough terrain after a storm, you can't rely on gas stations alone. Your business needs petroleum reserves, and knowing how to manage those reserves is vital.

Before anything else, know your vehicle octane needs and their shelf life. Different octane configurations for different vehicles and equipment may have varying shelf life, and you don't want to buy multiple years-worth in gasoline supplies that could rot before you're able to use it unless you're getting it at a discount. Luckily, these reserves could help your business if gas prices skyrocket in the future.

Ask petroleum services professionals about your vehicles and equipment that use gasoline, and be sure to figure out how long the different types will last in barrels. Be sure to ask for ways to fill up your vehicles easily as well, since using a hose and suction is a last-ditch effort that can be improved upon with enough planning.

Backup Generator Services

Automobiles aren't the only things that use petroleum-based fuel, and you can split use between different emergency devices as long as you don't go through your reserves too quickly.

Along with powering your fleet, you can power the rest of your business with a backup generator. Many businesses use diesel fuel instead of gasoline for their backup generators, but it is possible to get gasoline backup generators to make use of a single fuel type.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with ordering gasoline and diesel for storage in different containers. Contact a petroleum services company like Nelson Petroleum to discuss arrangements, as well as delivery schedules during disaster situations.