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Hello, my name is Cheri. Welcome. I am here to talk to you about performing automotive repairs at home. I will also share information about having large scale jobs performed at a local shop. My site will explore all of the different maintenance and repairs tasks required for the upkeep of cars, trucks and vans. I will talk about everything from changing your oil to replacing the transmission with a new one. Please feel free to stop by my site anytime you need more information about automotive repairs. I appreciate your visit and hope you will come by again soon so you can make sure your cars run well.

Accessories That You May Want For Your Truck

18 October 2022
Automotive, Blog

There are many different ways that you may need to use your truck over the years. Not surprisingly, this can lead to there being a variety of accessories that you may need in order to meet these needs. Tool And Equipment Chests Tool and equipment chests can be a common sight in many trucks. These chests can allow significant amounts of tools and equipment to be transported while also ensuring that these items remain as organized as possible. Read More …

Taking a Cross-Country Cycling Trip? Why You Need to Rent a Van for the Ride

22 February 2022
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

If you're embarking on a cross-country cycling adventure this summer, now's the time to start planning for a van rental. You might not realize this, but including a rental van in your cross-country cycling adventure is one of the best ways to enhance the experience. Rental vans, such as a Mercedes Sprinter, ensure that you're well-prepared for your cross-country cycling trip. Here are just four of the reasons to rent a van for your cycling trip. Read More …

Does You Car Have A Blown Head Gasket? Here Are 3 Reasons To Sell It To A Company That Pays Cash For Junk Cars

7 June 2021
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

A car's engine has both coolant and oil running through it, but these two fluids always need to be kept separate. They're prevented from mixing by the engine's head gasket. When this head gasket fails, coolant will start to leak into the engine oil. Head gasket failure is most often due to overheating since overheating can warp the engine head and cause the head gasket to unseal. Heat also causes the head gasket itself to quickly break down, which can cause small cracks to form that allow coolant into the engine. Read More …

Buying Your Next Semitruck

14 October 2020
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

A semitruck can be an excellent investment to make in your career, but this is also one of the largest vehicle purchases that you can make. Avoiding some common but basic mistakes when buying your next semitruck will require you to learn more about what to expect during this process as well as the types of factors that should be guiding your decision. Avoid Buying New Buying any type of vehicle new can be extraordinarily expensive. Read More …

5 Tips To Prolong Tire Life

13 March 2019
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

Tires are an investment for your car, just as shoes are an investment for your feet.  As such, you want to make sure the tires are properly maintained so they have the longest service life possible. The following are just a few of the things you can do to keep your tires in good condition for as long as possible. #1: Invest in a tire gauge Maintaining proper pressure is the number one thing to do to maintain your tires. Read More …