3 Reasons To Build A Business Relationship With An Auto Salvage Yard As A Mechanic

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3 Reasons To Build A Business Relationship With An Auto Salvage Yard As A Mechanic

25 July 2017
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Your business revolves around taking the problems with people's vehicles and making them disappear. Like a magician, you probably have a lot of tricks up your sleeve when it comes to where you get the supplies you need as a mechanic. However, there is one trick you need up your sleeve that you may not have; you need to have a good working relationship with a local auto salvage yard. But, your customers deserve to have the best of all new parts, you say? In spite of the fact that auto salvage yards sell used parts, this is one fellow service industry that offers unmatched value for your business you may not yet see. 

Working with an auto salvage yard gives you access to parts you may not otherwise be able to find. 

A customer rolls into your shop with a classic 1965 Chevy Caprice. They need a manifold replacement and ask if it's possible you can find an original grill for the car. If the only suppliers you have to rely on offer new parts, you are going to be hard pressed to find original parts. However, if you have access to an auto salvage yard, there is a higher likelihood that you will be able to please your customer with the parts they need and want. 

Working with an auto salvage yard means you can save your customers money. 

When people call a mechanic for help, it is oftentimes because the vehicle they have to rely on is not functional and this may not always be an expected occurrence that they have the finances to pay for. When you buy used parts from a salvage yard, you can usually get good deals on things that could cost you a lot more new. Therefore, when customers are in a bind, you can offer them a way to save a little money on repairs. 

Working with an auto salvage yard gives you quick access to things people may not want to wait for. 

When you are working on some vehicles, especially foreign models, ordering parts can mean long wait times because the parts have to be ordered from international locations. Unfortunately, this also means that repairs will take longer, which is not always ideal for a customer or you because every vehicle waiting for parts is space taken up in your shop. In some cases, you can find the parts you need at an auto salvage yard for foreign-made vehicles so you do not have to wait weeks for parts to come in. 

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